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The project

Flume and Future classic

I made this school project during my studies in DWM. The goal was to choose a music label, to redesign an artist page and his website.

I chose Flume and Future Classic simply because I like this music, futhermore for Flume’s visual identity very flowery and elegant which I find very interesting to explore.

But first..sort

banner flume mobile

I wanted a simple, clean website were users can find those information quickly and with total simplicity.

The idendity

My inspiration : Flume's graphic universe

I found my inspiration in their videos clips and their albums covers, especially for selecting my colors :

Build a new identity

I chose to build my identity with some gold squares. For this reason I picked the pink gold and blue colors.

I’ve try to highlight this picture of Flume with some gold texture for showing his universe in one picture

banner flume mobile

The difficulty here was to create a new identity while respecting their actual visual identity at the same time.

I didn’t want to start all over again because I have seen this project as a tribute and not as a complete redesign.



The challenge

To conclude I'd had to admit that this project integration was my biggest challenge. It took me a lot of time. I had to make a lot of tests for some details like « hover  selector »

Finally I would like say whatever the difficulties of this work, I loved making it.

This project teached me to always follow things through. The hardest challenges are those that keep us moving forward.

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